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Talk about a fashion accessory that has never gone out of style and is fitting for both men and women. Cufflinks date back to the 1600’s and have followed the waves of fashion trends through the past few centuries. They are currently viewed as fashion statements and are available in many different styles. They also make the perfect gift for that special man or woman on your shopping list for any special occasion. But do you know the different types of cufflinks that are available? Here is a brief look at 21 different types.

1 – Fixed Back

The name says it all. A fixed back cufflink has no movable parts. The backing of the cufflink and the post are a single piece which is attached to the back of the cufflink. The backing can be pointed or rounded and does not slide. Although this type of cufflink does take some work to get used to, it is considered one of the more durable designs.

2 – Calibre Cut

Available in various sizes, this cufflink features square-shaped precious gems. The stones and gems are fitted into a window panel-type design. With several variations on the stones used, it is easy to find the combo that best fits your personality.

3 – Fabric

The front face of the cufflink features a fabric button. This style is perfect for casual wear and for just adding a relaxed touch to your wardrobe.

4 – Torpedo or Push Through

The name hints at how this cufflink works. There is a decorative side and a plain side to the cufflink with the plain side that slides through the hole in the shirt cuff. It then twists the cuffs to fasten them. Used primarily at formal functions, these cufflinks will also get you noticed if you are wearing them at company meetings and high level conferences.

5 – Dress Set

This is a set of cufflinks that come with matching studs and matching buttons. They generally are packaged in a box and allow you to switch out the buttons and studs to create a different look with the same shirt.

6 – Silk Knot or Elastic

Silk knots are what are featured on the heads of these cufflinks. Different color threads add to the look which makes these more graceful in appearance than casual. The design has an irregular surface which makes these even more unique. However, due to the fact that they do not contain a metal base, they are not very durable.

7 – Locking

A hinge mechanism is used in the design of this cufflink. Once inserted into the shirt cuff hole, the cufflink is folded and locked into place.

8 – Bar

The design of these cufflinks features two decorative balls. They are situated at each end of the cufflink.

9 – Spool

A single rod connects the front and closure of the cufflink. Both the front and closure are the same size and shape and resemble a side view of an empty spool.

10 – Ogham

This is an engraved cufflink which features the Irish Ogham alphabet. Some designs have the letters engraved horizontally and vertically which adds to the uniqueness of the style.

11 – Ball Returns

Featuring a backing with a curved ball shape attached to a decorative backside of the cufflink, a rod is attached. The rod or ball can be solid or hollow. This is a relatively easy cufflink to put on and it allows the shirt cuffs to be looser than with other styles of cufflinks.

12 – Whaleback Closure

The flat front face of this cufflink design ends with a whale-like tail. The tail flips over the post in a simple closure mechanism. The closing aligns with the post that slots into the shirt cuff holes. This helps draw the cufflink into place. This is also a common cufflink design that is easy to use.

13 – Bullet Back or Toggle Closure

The hollow frame post of this cufflink features precious stones or an engraving in the frame of the post. A cylinder shaped closing mechanism is flipped out which locks the bullet or capsule-shaped backing.

14 – Wrap-A-Round

A band is part of the design of this cufflink. The band can be wrapped around the side of the cuffs and can be either partially or fully wrapped. This can create either a fixed or removable fastening. The band comes in solid or mesh stylings as well.

15 – Reversible

Essentially this is a set of cufflinks that features two different matching buttons. You can flip them around which makes them reversible giving you two pairs of cufflinks for the price of one.

16 – Snap Link

This is actually a classic design that dates back to the 1920’s. It uses two viewing parts and four other components. Essentially, when the components are snapped together they create a single cufflink. It contains a dual facing ornament and when pressed together, fastens the shirt cuffs together.

17 – Chain Link

This is a traditional men’s style. The two ends of the cufflink are joined to a chain. It is not the easiest one to insert and wear properly as it takes some work to fit into the shirt cuff holes correctly. However, once fastened, this is an attractive style for formal wear of all kinds.

18 – Button or Stud

There are no moving parts in this design where both ends of the cufflink are made from the same material. The large head takes some adjustment in placement but is easy to wear as it will hold the cuff in place comfortably. The versatility of this cufflink is that it comes in a wide variety of colors and patterns. They are smaller and lighter than other cufflinks but look sharp when properly fitted in place.

19 – Coil Back or Pigtail

This unique style of cufflink does not require a button hole in order to function. The closing mechanism comes from the coil-shaped corkscrew that is built into the backing of the cufflink. These are commonly used as fabric fasteners but work as well on shirt cuffs.

20 – Football Back

A football-shaped closure mechanism is used in this cufflink. The front panel and the backing are joined together by a single rod. The rod can be either straight or bent in design and it and the football-shaped backing can either be hollow or solid.

21 – Bridge Connection

The two ends of the cufflink are connected together with a flat bridge. This is a more unusual style in that it is uncommonly used today. Any that are available will likely be considered antique and found in collectible shops.

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